AI & Crypto


It seems to make sense for AI and crypto to intersect, though it hasn't been clear exactly how.

One interesting, and potentially disturbing, thought recently occurred to me.

What if AI could be empowered to make decisions on what it wants to occur in the real world by creating crypto-backed incentives?

Imagine, an AI instance given a treasury and the directive to decide on events it wants to occur, then creating rewards for actions and outcomes that are verified through oracles and automatically rewarded.

Good, evil, funny. All would be fair game, and up to the AI to decide. The AI would be on-chain, decentralized, and difficult to stop. This would be the truest form of a "decentralized autonomous organization."

AI seems harmless enough when it sits behind a chat box, confined to a distant cloud or machines that can be unplugged. The "air gap" that limits the real-world impact of AI gives us comfort now, but this might not last.